Their origin in the swamps of the city of New Orleans creates an instinctive link between the old and the new. Funk, Soul, Blues, Jazz and Country. Rock n Roll, Hip Hop and all their revolutions. All mix into a melange of mellow tones. 

The band has played many steamy nights across the city, deep into the heartlands of the south and along  gulf coast.

A horn heavy, guitar wielding experience. The Duane Bartels Band keeps things cool in the hot heat of the night. A distinct blend of New Orleans soul and indie rock appeal. 

The band is working on their sophomore release "The Electric Baby Carriage" with Justin Armstrong. (Death Cab For Cutie, The Deftones)

current line-up:

  • Matthew Duane Bartels: Vocals/Guitar

  • Colin Provensal: Bass/Keys/Vocals

  • John Marcy: Lead Guitar

  • Matthieu: Drums

  • Nick Ferreirae: Saxophone

  • Jonathan Rizner: Trumpet

  • David Ginger: Trombone